Monday, September 21, 2009

Seasonal Potted Posts

After selling a few of our fall pot posts, we created 4 more for restocking the shop. These seasonal displays are so sweet and colorful, equally festive indoors as on a covered porch. We start with sturdy terra cotta or other heavy weight pottery, fill the pot with a cement mixture and set in the post. When dry, we trim the post with a seasonal garland or ribbon, in this case a fall leaf design. Next, we adorn the post top with a birdhouse that suits the design and hot glue a coordinating bow and miscellaneous ornaments such as scarecrows. Finally, we wind a strand of 35 mini or seed lights through the garland. This time, we also drilled a small hole in the back of the birdhouses to illuminate the topper as well.

We have a new Halloween pot post in the works, which will include a wooden cut-out (hand-sawed by Dad) black cat. We've recently sold one in this design from last year's models. It included a green button & sequin eye with orange and black striped ribbon wound around the post in place of the garland.

We are planning to create similar seasonal potted posts for winter and Christmas and possibly spring next year! Our price makes them easier to buy than make yourself...and, they make great, inexpensive gifts for friends or family.

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