Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Fall Purses Have Arrived!!

We received our fall shipment of Victorian Heart/Bella Taylor bags this week! Many of our customers have been looking for the new fall colors, and we are now fully stocked with several styles and patterns. Our favorite is the "Cocoa Rouge" design which is a quilted pattern in shades of pink, mauve, bronze, and rapsberry. There are brocade and paisley prints blended with a variety of textures all in one!! We have 4 different bag designs in this fabric. (We each snagged one before they made it to the shop!)

There are a couple bags in "Spice" which is also a quilt design in warm shades and textures of green and red. Finally, we have a simple yet classic small tote called the "Ring Around." The solid colors are Mahogany (brown) and Ebony (black).

All purses range in price from $15-$25, so they are not only fashionable but economical as well!

Here is a preview of the new purse displays:

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