Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New/Old Wooden Accent Furniture

We have added a few new solid wood furniture pieces to the shop this week. All of them are actually old accent pieces, and we have them currently listed on Lancaster, PA Craigslist. The first is my personal favorite, since it's painted in my favorite color, a soft shade of lavender. This magazine rack was given a fresh lease with a single coat of primer and the lovely lavender paint. The curvy lines and side diamond cut-out design make it a truly pretty stand. Suggestions for use: child's room/nursery with a lamp on top and prized big books on the bottom shelf; holding magazines in a bathroom or living room; housing cookbooks in a kitchen or dining room and a small appliannce on top; phone books and phone/answering machine.

Buyer's beware: If someone doesn't snag this beauty, and I'm left to look at it too long, it might be forced to come back home to me!! I have purple and lavender throughout my home, so it would definitely fit in many spots. The small size (22 3/4" high x 22" long x 11" wide) makes it an easy piece to grace even small spaces.

The next piece is just as adorable. This wooden vintage youth chair is decked out in its original (now gloriously chippy) cream paint and rose decal/print on the back of the chair. The arms are metal and the whole thing stands 34" high. Imagine it with a sweet teddy bear or Raggedy Anne sitting on this chair...too cute and so hard to find.

The final inclusion is this pair of vintage dark wood end tables/night stands. Again, the intricate detailing and curved lines make the set truly unique. They could be painted to match your decor or stained. Two bottom shelves add to the practical storage side. (Sorry about the shadows in the pictures below, not that I can really complain about the sunshine!)

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