Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cobalt Depression Glass Collection

This past Saturday, we finally opened up one of the two boxes of Cobalt Blue Depression Glassware that we've had for over a month now. We were able to clean, research, tag, and display the pieces shown in the above photo. The looking up (in collectible books and online) part is what led to the procrastination. It seems as if there are so many patterns of Depression Glass that you can spend an hour trying to identify a few pieces. Luckily, the following patterns were fairly easy to identify. We listed the found value on the back of the price tags, along with the resources. These items are a higher price range than our general vintage dishware in the shop, but we are still able to offer our customers a considerable bargain for these collectibles.

The first ice pail is in "Windmill" pattern.

Then, there is the "Ships or Sailboat" ice tub, below, along with matching ice tea pitcher, and 5 tumblers.

The vase collection includes the following 6 pieces in varying sizes and styles.

Cobalt Depression Glass was primarily produced in the early 1930's up to the early 1940's. Many of the designs were produced by the Hazel Atlas Company, including the "Ships" in our collection.

There are more pieces from this collection to be added to this display in the shop...but that remains for another day (or few weeks)! Look for mixing bowls (most valuable of pieces) and dinnerware sets when(ever) we get to them!!

***8/17/09 update: We've added the bulk of the remaining pieces to the cobalt glassware collection this past Sat. Here is the now-two-shelf-display:

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