Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Glass Tealight Diplays: Limitlessly Awesome

We picked up a few new glass tealight holder cylinders that allow lots of creativity. They are basically a blank, glass slate which you place tealight candles. The first style come in three sizes, 5", 7", and 9" tall. Each has a separate glass candle cup which sits securely into the top of the cylinder. The beauty is that both can be filled with whatever your heart delights...or the mood strikes...or the season calls for!

We filled the tall one with sand and shells (not as full as I would make it if using it in my home, but just enough for customers to get the concept in the shop). We placed sand in the tealight cup as well to continue the theme and allow the candle to fit snuggly in place. To expand the whole beachy look, you could add small pieces of driftwood, sand pebbles, sea glass, and/or starfish. This makes a great spot to display mementos from a vacation (in any environment).

The second cylinder is filled with buttons in complementary shades. Again, we placed some in the base and in the tealight cup to complete the look.

The third cylinder is filled with tiny rosebuds. Any type of potourri, faux flowers or dried snippets from your garden (lavender would be awesome) would work just as well.

What ideas do you have?? I'm thinking: small vintage glass balls and tinsel for Christmas, candy corn for Halloween, conversation hearts for Valentine's....

I have to say, I bought one of these from a PartyLite show a month or so ago. It was wayyyy over-priced and, unfortunately, the candle cup didn't even sit level. Since it was not exactly stable, my daughter accidently knocked it over and shattered the base. With VCB prices (1/4 of what the PartyLite versions cost), you can afford to buy several. They look great individually or in a grouping of the three sizes. They also make awesome gifts and can be customized for any occasion or event. They truy are limitlessly awesome!!

The other glass tealight display is pictured below. This has a tube-like cylinder that sits horizontally on a tabletop. There are tiny feet to support the base and slots to hold five tealight candles. Again, the creative factor is limitless and versatile enough to change it up on a whim. Since we're in the full beach cottage mode these days, we filled our sample with a collection of pretty shells.

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